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Burlesque Brunch

While out and about early one Saturday, I was heading to There... for a bite of brunch and some studying. I was informed that they were closed until 11:00 for a monthly burlesque brunch. Disappointed, I headed to the coffee shop a block away and hunkered down to get my learning on. After an hour, though, burlesque brunch sounded much better than rehashing the ADDIE framework, so back to There... I went. By chance, I had my camera bag with me!

I secured a spot at the bar, ordered bottomless sangria, and sat back to enjoy the show. That's when I saw Bender Flames, and knew I wasn't going anywhere for the next few hours. These are some of my favorite shots of the day.

Bender Flames

Literally the host(est) with the most(est)

Bender Flames, getting ready to be the hostess with the mostest | Stranger 9 of 100

Flames and friends


Cherry Pop Pop Poppins

Her Cher puts Cher to shame.

Cherry Pop Pop Poppins taking the stage

Cherry Pop Pop Poppins teasing the crowd

"Then you'd love me, love me, like you used to do!"

Burlesque Queen

Maya Tetons

Her name says it all.

Maya Tetons getting flirty

She's called Maya Tetons for a reason...

Ziggy Starlust

She's definitely an old soul.

Ziggy Starlust

Ziggy Starlust

Reflections of Marilyn

She could be from another era | Ziggy Starlust, stranger 11 of 100

And a group photo, on film (yes, real film).

Burlesque Brunch Divas!

There's more. You can check out all of my There… Burlesque Brunch photos on Flickr.

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Conservatory in the city

Funny that I live in Denver, but seem to write mostly about my shots from Chicago. I need to fix that—Denver is one hell of a place. But until then, this is another Chicago post, about a gem just outside of the city: The Lincoln Park Conservatory. Here's a bit from the Chicago Park District:

During the early nineteenth century developments in iron and glass building technology led to the construction of conservatories in cities throughout Europe and the United States.

Later in the century, as people were increasingly concerned about the ill effects of industrialization, they became fascinated with nature and interested in collecting and classifying plants. Large conservatories with display and exhibit rooms gained popularity, and Lincoln Park's small greenhouse no longer seemed sufficient. Architects Silsbee and Bell were commissioned to design a much more substantial building.Rendered in an exotic style, the new structure included palm, fernery, orchid, and show houses. A "paradise under glass," the Conservatory supported "a luxuriant tropical growth, blending the whole into a natural grouping of Nature’s loveliest forms."

I spent a gray and rainy day wandering through this delightful oasis. And I took some pictures.

A white flower
{ white }

Hydrangea macrophylla (Big Head Pink)
{ Garden Hydrangea | Hydrangea macrophylla | 'Big Head Pink' }

Step into another time
{ step into another time }

Save the bees!
{ take off! part 2 }

{ smorgasbord }

Of course they're ancient ferns. Don't you see the dinosaur!?

All photos taken on my Olympus EM1, with the OLYMPUS M.12-40mm F2.8 Pro

NIghtcrawler: Baker to Wash Park West

Denver is such a great city to walk around in, any time of day, any time of year. A friend and I went strolling along Broadway one evening in December. Starting in the Baker neighborhood and wandering over to Wash Park West.

I love lightbulbs. I've just recently come to this realization. It's not their bokeh potential—though I love that—there's just something about a lightbulb I love.
{ who doesn't love bokeh? }
Punch Bowl Social Bokeh

It's always about chasing the light.
151230_C300141_EM1 copy
Around the Corner

We get truly amazing sunsets in Denver.
{ Denver @ dusk }
Broadway & Alameda @ Dusk

Favorite bar. Favorite neon.
{ Candle Light Tavern }
Candlelight Tavern

Best NY style pizza you'll find in Denver. Foldable, slices bigger than your head, and delicious!
{ Famous Pizza | Denver }
Famous Pizza

I swear this place only exists at night! I don't ever recognize it during the day.
{ sanatorium }
Coffee and Books

Like lightbulbs, I love me some old lit-up signs.
{ Budweiser on tap }
Bud on Tap