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In front of the lens

Self portraits. Ugh.

Getting ready for a training for work, we were tasked with adding our bio and a picture to the class blog. I decided that my old, standard avatar wasn't going to cut it, so I decided put my gear to use. After dusting off my tripod and putting new batteries in my remote shutter, I was ready to take a few 'selfies'. Being totally new to this, and NOT enjoying being in front of the camera, I suppose I got one or two decent shots. Still not as top-notch as I would like, but practice makes perfect, right?


Freedom is not free


I've been really lucky lately, in that I've been traveling to some pretty cool places for work. Recently, I had the chance to visit D.C., a place I'd not been before. I knew that while I was there, I had to see the Lincoln Memorial. That was my goal. So I booked a crazy-early flight, which would allow me a few hours to sight see, and I headed off to see Lincoln.

I wasn't aware that all of the memorials are kept in one amazing place—the National Mall. So I was able to see Lincoln, as well as the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, the World War II Memorial, and the Korean War Veteran's Memorial. They are all magnificent, for different reasons. But the one that touched me the most was the Korean War Veteran's Memorial. I know very little about the Korean War; it's not a war that many people really ever talk about. Maybe that's why the memorial is so powerful.


Walking around it, and hearing from the park ranger about the design, I was really given a sense of how lost, hopeless, and scared those young men felt. I was truly moved by the memorial. In fact, in talking to my sons about it, I mentioned how the memorial made me cry. My youngest was shocked, as he proclaimed, "But mommy, you never cry!"


Sometimes I think we forget that freedom isn't free. This was a moving reminder.

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